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FROM WTOK: Rod Hickman advances to the District 32 runoff election

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Rod Hickman is heading to the runoff election against Dr. Minh Duong for the Senate District 32 seat.

Nine candidates were in the running, but Hickman is projected to come out on top with 23% of the votes.

Hickman said his platform is built on his background and who he is as a prelaw professor, parent, and small business owner.

“It feels amazing I feel like the work me, and my team has done has been worth it all. I Know the need for Mississippi to fix this infrastructure. I know the need to carry out infrastructure talks into the 21st century. Yes, our roads and bridges need fixing absolutely but we also need to think about things like high-speed internet and making sure we have access to that because you know businesses can literally thrive or fail because of their access to the internet but not only that our rural communities need access to the internet,” District 32 candidate, Rod Hickman.

Hickman said he and his campaign team knocked on over 7,000 doors during his campaign.

He said he believes this played a pivotal role in his election results.

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